Reconciling dark matter and solar neutrinos

Reconciling dark matter and solar neutrinos

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Reconciling dark matter and solar neutrinos

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Peltoniemi, Juha T.; Tommasini, Daniele; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We present a simple model for neutrino dark matter in which neutrino masses arise radiatively and the solar neutrino data are explained via the MSW effect. The dark matter scale arises at the one-loop level with the MSW scale arises only in two loops. The model is compatible with all observational facts and allows observable νeντ or νμντ oscillation rates in the laboratory if the limits from primordial big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) are taken conservatively. In addition, it can be probed by searching for muon number violating processes such as μ→ e+ γ, and μ→3 e. These rates can well lie within the sensitivities of present experiments. Finally, if we ignore BBN limits we can have also a common explanation for the atmospheric neutrino deficit via νμ oscillations to a sterile neutrino νs with maximal mixing and 10 -2-10 -3 eV 2.

    Peltoniemi, Juha T. Tommasini, Daniele Furtado Valle, José Wagner 1993 Reconciling dark matter and solar neutrinos Physics Letters B 298 3-4 383 390

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