Minimal noncanonical cosmologies

Minimal noncanonical cosmologies

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Minimal noncanonical cosmologies

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Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Perfil; Lykken, Joseph
Aquest document és un/a article, creat/da en: 2006
We demonstrate how much it is possible to deviate from the standard cosmological paradigm of inflation-assisted LambdaCDM, keeping within current observational constraints, and without adding to or modifying any theoretical assumptions. We show that within a minimal framework there are many new possibilities, some of them wildly different from the standard picture. We present three illustrative examples of new models, described phenomenologically by a noncanonical scalar field coupled to radiation and matter. These models have interesting implications for inflation, quintessence, reheating, electroweak baryogenesis, and the relic densities of WIMPs and other exotics.

    Barenboim Szuchman, Gabriela Alejandra Lykken, Joseph 2006 Minimal noncanonical cosmologies Journal of High Energy Physics 06 7 016
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