Non-perturbative QCD effective charges

Non-perturbative QCD effective charges

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Non-perturbative QCD effective charges

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Aguilar, Arlene Cristina; Papavassiliou, Joannis
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Using gluon and ghost propagators obtained from Schwinger-Dyson equations (SDEs), we construct the non-perturbative effective charge of QCD. We employ two different definitions, which, despite their distinct field-theoretic origin, give rise to qualitative comparable results, by virtue of a crucial non-perturbative identity. Most importantly, the QCD charge obtained with either definition freezes in the deep infrared, in agreement with theoretical and phenomenological expectations. The various theoretical ingredients necessary for this construction are reviewed in detail, and some conceptual subtleties are briefly discussed.

    Aguilar, Arlene Cristina Papavassiliou, Joannis 2010 Non-perturbative QCD effective charges Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 199 1 172 177

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