Leptogenesis without violation of B-L

Leptogenesis without violation of B-L

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Leptogenesis without violation of B-L

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González García, Mª Concepción; Racker, Jean Jacques; Rius Dionis, Nuria Perfil
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We study the possibility of generating the observed baryon asymmetry via leptogenesis in the decay of heavy Standard Model singlet fermions which carry lepton number, in a framework without Majorana masses above the electroweak scale. Such scenario does not contain any source of total lepton number violation besides the Standard Model sphalerons, and the baryon asymmetry is generated by the interplay of lepton flavour effects and the sphaleron decoupling in the decay epoch.

    González García, María Concepción Racker, Jean Jacques Rius Dionis, Nuria 2009 Leptogenesis without violation of B-L Journal of High Energy Physics 2009 11 079-1 079-21

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