Neutrino masses from new generations

Neutrino masses from new generations

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Neutrino masses from new generations

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Aparici Benages, Alberto; Herrero García, Juan Andrés; Rius Dionis, Nuria Perfil; Santamaria, A. (Arcadi) Perfil
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We reconsider the possibility that Majorana masses for the three known neutrinos are generated radiatively by the presence of a fourth generation and one right-handed neutrino with Yukawa couplings and a Majorana mass term. We find that the observed light neutrino mass hierarchy is not compatible with low energy universality bounds in this minimal scenario, but all present data can be accommodated with five generations and two right-handed neutrinos. Within this framework, we explore the parameter space regions which are currently allowed and could lead to observable effects in neutrinoless double beta decay, mu-e conversion in nuclei and mu -> e gamma experiments. We also discuss the detection prospects at LHC.

    Aparici Benages, Alberto Herrero García, Juan Andrés Rius Dionis, Nuria Santamaria, A. (Arcadi) 2011 Neutrino masses from new generations Journal of High Energy Physics 2011 7 122
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