Two-Higgs leptonic minimal flavour violation

Two-Higgs leptonic minimal flavour violation

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Two-Higgs leptonic minimal flavour violation

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Botella Olcina, Francisco J. Perfil; Branco, Gustavo Castelo; Nebot Gómez, Miguel; Rebelo, M. N.
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We construct extensions of the Standard Model with two Higgs doublets, where there are flavour changing neutral currents both in the quark and leptonic sectors, with their strength fixed by the fermion mixing matrices V(CKM) and V(PMNS). These models are an extension to the leptonic sector of the class of models previously considered by Branco, Grimus and Lavoura, for the quark sector. We consider both the cases of Dirac and Majorana neutrinos and identify the minimal discrete symmetry required in order to implement the models in a natural way.

    Botella Olcina, Francisco J. Branco, Gustavo Castelo Nebot Gómez, Miguel Rebelo, M. N. 2011 Two-Higgs leptonic minimal flavour violation Journal of High Energy Physics 2011 10 037
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