(nu)over-bar induced (K)over-bar production off the nucleon

(nu)over-bar induced (K)over-bar production off the nucleon

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(nu)over-bar induced (K)over-bar production off the nucleon

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Rafi Alam, M.; Ruiz Simó, Ignacio; Sajjad Athar, Mohammad; Vicente Vacas, Manuel José Perfil
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The charged-current antikaon production off nucleons induced by antineutrinos is studied at low and intermediate energies. We extend here our previous calculation on kaon production induced by neutrinos. We have developed a microscopic model that starts from the SU(3) chiral Lagrangians and includes background terms and the resonant mechanisms associated to the lowest lying resonance in the channel, namely, the Sigma*(1385). Our results could be of interest for the background estimation of various neutrino oscillation experiments like MiniBooNE and SuperK. They can also be helpful for the planned (nu) over bar experiments like MINER nu A, NO nu A, and T2K phase II, and for beta-beam experiments with antineutrino energies around 1 GeV.

    Rafi Alam, M. Ruiz Simó, Ignacio Sajjad Athar, Mohammad Vicente Vacas, Manuel José 2012 (nu)over-bar induced (K)over-bar production off the nucleon Physical Review D 85 1 013014

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