Weak Kaon production off the nucleon

Weak Kaon production off the nucleon

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Weak Kaon production off the nucleon

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Rafi Alam, M.; Ruiz Simó, Ignacio; Sajjad Athar, Mohammad; Vicente Vacas, Manuel José Perfil
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The weak kaon production off the nucleon induced by neutrinos is studied at the low and intermediate energies of interest for some ongoing and future neutrino oscillation experiments. This process is also potentially important for the analysis of proton decay experiments. We develop a microscopical model based on the SU(3) chiral Lagrangians. The basic parameters of the model are f pi, the pion decay constant, Cabibbo's angle, the proton and neutron magnetic moments, and the axial vector coupling constants for the baryons octet, D and F, that are obtained from the analysis of the semileptonic decays of neutron and hyperons. The studied mechanisms are the main source of kaon production for neutrino energies up to 1.2 to 1.5 GeV for the various channels and the cross sections are large enough to be amenable to be measured by experiments such as Minerva and T2K.

    Rafi Alam, M. Ruiz Simó, Ignacio Sajjad Athar, Mohammad Vicente Vacas, Manuel José 2010 Weak Kaon production off the nucleon Physical Review D 82 3 033001
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