A heavy quark symmetry approach to baryons

A heavy quark symmetry approach to baryons

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A heavy quark symmetry approach to baryons

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Albertus, Conrado; Amaro Soriano, José Enrique; Hernández Gajate, Eliecer; Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel
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We evaluate different properties of baryons with a heavy c or b quark. The use of Heavy Quark Symmetry (HQS) provides with an important simplification of the non relativistic three body problem which can be solved by means of a simple variational approach. This scheme is able to reproduce previous results obtained with more involved Faddeev calculations. The resulting wave functions are parametrized in a simple manner, and can be used to calculate further observables.

    Albertus, Conrado Amaro Soriano, José Enrique Hernández Gajate, Eliecer Nieves Pamplona, Juan Miguel 2005 A heavy quark symmetry approach to baryons Nuclear Physics A 755 439C 442C
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