Open-charm meson spectroscopy

Open-charm meson spectroscopy

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Open-charm meson spectroscopy

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Vijande Asenjo, Javier Perfil; Fernández González, Francisco; Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo
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We present a theoretical framework that accounts for the new D-J and D-sJ mesons measured in the open-charm sector. These resonances are properly described if considered as a mixture of conventional P-wave quark-antiquark states and four-quark components. The narrowest states are basically P-wave quark-antiquark mesons, while the dominantly four-quark states are shifted above the corresponding two-meson threshold, being broad resonances. We study the electromagnetic decay widths as basic tools to scrutiny their nature. The proposed explanation incorporates in a natural way the most recently discovered mesons in charmonium spectroscopy.

    Vijande Asenjo, Javier Fernández González, Francisco Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo 2006 Open-charm meson spectroscopy Physical Review D 73 3 034002

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