B meson spectroscopy

B meson spectroscopy

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B meson spectroscopy

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Vijande Asenjo, Javier Perfil; Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo; Fernández González, Francisco
This document is a artículoDate2008
We study the B meson spectroscopy allowing the mixture of conventional P wave quark-antiquark states and four-quark components. A similar picture was used to describe the new D(J) and D(sJ) open-charm mesons. The four-quark components shift the masses of some positive parity B(sJ) states below their corresponding isospin preserving two-meson threshold and therefore they are expected to be narrow. Electromagnetic decay widths are analyzed.

    Vijande Asenjo, Javier Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo Fernández González, Francisco 2008 B meson spectroscopy Physical Review D 77 1 017501-1 017501-4
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