R-parity violating sneutrino decays

R-parity violating sneutrino decays

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R-parity violating sneutrino decays

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Aristizábal Sierra, Diego; Hirsch, Martin; Porod, Werner
This document is a artículoDate2005
R-parity can be violated through either bilinear and/or trilinear terms in the superpotential. The decay properties of sneutrinos can be used to obtain information about the relative importance of these couplings provided sneutrinos are the lightest supersymmetric particles. We show that in some specific scenarios it is even possible to decide whether bilinear or trilinear terms give the dominant contribution to the neutrino mass matrix.

    Aristizabal Sierra, D. Hirsch, Martin Porod, Werner 2005 R-parity violating sneutrino decays Journal of High Energy Physics 2005 9 033
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