Prediction of D*-multi-rho states

Prediction of D*-multi-rho states

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Prediction of D*-multi-rho states

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Xiao, Chu Wen; Bayar, Melahat; Oset Báguena, Eulogio Perfil
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We present a study of the many-body interaction between a D* and multi-rho. We use an extrapolation to SU(4) of the hidden gauge formalism, which produced dynamically the resonances f(2)(1270) in the rho rho interaction and D-2* (2460) in the rho D* interaction. We then let a third particle, rho, D*, or a resonance, collide with them, evaluating the scattering amplitudes in terms of the fixed center approximation of the Faddeev equations. We find several clear resonant structures above 2800 MeV in the multibody scattering amplitudes. They would correspond to new charmed resonances, D-3*, D-4*, D-5*, and D-6*, which are not yet listed in the Particle Data Group, which would be analogous to the rho(3)(1690), f(4)(2050), rho(5)(2350), f(6)(2510) and K-3*(1780), K-4*(2045), K-5*(2380) described before as multi-rho and K*-multi-rho states, respectively.

    Xiao, Chu Wen Bayar, Melahat Oset Báguena, Eulogio 2012 Prediction of D*-multi-rho states Physical Review D 86 9 094019
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