Precision tau physics

Precision tau physics

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Precision tau physics

Show simple item record Pich Zardoya, Antonio 2014-05-23T11:05:01Z 2014-05-23T11:05:01Z 2014
dc.description.abstract Precise measurements of the lepton properties provide stringent tests of the Standard Model and accurate determinations of its parameters. We overview the present status of tau physics, highlighting the most recent developments, and discuss the prospects for future improvements. The leptonic decays of the tau lepton probe the structure of the weak currents and the universality of their couplings to the W boson. The universality of the leptonic Z couplings has also been tested through Z -> l(+)l(-) decays. The hadronic tau decay modes constitute an ideal tool for studying low-energy effects of the strong interaction in very clean conditions. Accurate determinations of the QCD coupling and the Cabibbo mixing V-us have been obtained with tau data. The large mass of the tau opens the possibility to study many kinematically-allowed exclusive decay modes and extract relevant dynamical information. Violations of flavour and CP conservation laws can also be searched for with tau decays. Related subjects such as μdecays, the electron and muon anomalous magnetic moments, neutrino mixing and B-meson decays into tau leptons are briefly covered. Being one the fermions most strongly coupled to the scalar sector, the tau lepton is playing now a very important role at the LHC as a tool to test the Higgs properties and search for new physics at higher scales.
dc.relation.ispartof Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, 2014, vol. 75, p. 41-85
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dc.source Pich Zardoya, Antonio 2014 Precision tau physics Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 75 41 85
dc.subject Física
dc.title Precision tau physics
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article 2014-05-23T11:05:01Z
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