How coincidence Bears on Persistence

How coincidence Bears on Persistence

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How coincidence Bears on Persistence

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Rychter, Pablo
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The"paradoxes of coincidence" are generally taken as an important factor for deciding between rival views on persistence through time. In particular, the ability to deal with apparent cases of temporary coincidence is usually regarded as a good reason for favouring perdurantism (or"four-dimensionalism") over endurantism (or"three-dimensionalism"). However, the recent work of C. Gilmore (2007) and M. McGrath (2007) challenges this standard view. For different reasons, both Gilmore and McGrath conclude that perdurantism does not really obtain support from the puzzles of temporary coincidence. In this paper, I will evaluate their arguments and defend the opposite view: that the paradoxes of coincidence do give some support to perdurantism. However, the way in which they do so is rather unexpected.

    Rychter, Pablo 2011 How coincidence Bears on Persistence Philosophia. The Philosophical Quarterly of Israel
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