A precise measurement of the Tau lepton lifetime

A precise measurement of the Tau lepton lifetime

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A precise measurement of the Tau lepton lifetime

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DELPHI Collaboration; Castillo Giménez, María Victoria Perfil; Ferrer Soria, Antonio Perfil; Higón Rodríguez, Emilio Perfil; Alemany Fernández, Reyes; Cabrera Urbán, Susana Perfil; Cortina Gil, Eduardo; Fuster Verdú, Juan A. Perfil; García García, Carmen Perfil; Hernández Rey, Juan José Perfil; Lacasta Llácer, Carlos; Martínez Vidal, Fernando Perfil; Martí García, Salvador; Navas Concha, Sergio; Salt Cairols, José Perfil
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The tau lepton lifetime has been measured using three different methods with the DELPHI detector. Two measurements of one-prong decays are combined, accounting for correlations, giving a result of ττ = 291.8 ± 3.3 (stat.) ± 2.0(sys.) fs while the decay length distribution of three-prong decays gives the result ττ = 286.7 ± 4.9 (stat.) ±3.3 (sys.) fs. Combining the results presented here with previous DELPHI measurements, we get ττ = 291.4 ± 3.0 fs and find that the ratio of the coupling constant for tau decay relative to that for muon decay is 0.990 ± 0.009, compatible with lepton universality.

    DELPHI Collaboration Castillo Giménez, María Victoria Ferrer Soria, Antonio Higón Rodríguez, Emilio 1996 A precise measurement of the Tau lepton lifetime Physics Letters B 365 1-4 448 460
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