Non local lagrangians: The pion

Non local lagrangians: The pion

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Non local lagrangians: The pion

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Noguera Puchol, Santiago Perfil
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We define a family of non local and chirally symmetric low energy lagrangians motivated by theoretical studies on Quantum Chromodynamics. These models lead to quark propagators with non trivial momentum dependencies. We define the formalism for two body bound states and apply it to the pion. We study the coupling of the photon and W bosons with special attention to the implementation of local gauge invariance. We calculate the pion decay constant recovering the Goldberger-Treiman and the Gell-Mann-Oakes-Renner relations. We recover a form of the axial current consistent with PCAC. Finally we study the pion form factor and we construct the operators involved in its parton distribution.

    Noguera Puchol, Santiago 2007 Non local lagrangians: The pion International Journal of Modern Physics E-Nuclear Physics 16 1 97 132
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