Too many X's, Y's and Z's?

Too many X's, Y's and Z's?

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Too many X's, Y's and Z's?

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Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo; Fernández Caramés, Teresa; Vijande Asenjo, Javier Perfil
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Heavy meson spectroscopy above open flavor thresholds has become a challenge both from the experimental and theoretical points of view. Experimentally, several signals have been interpreted as meson resonances with unusual properties; theoretically, such signals may be identified with meson-meson molecules or compact multiquark structures. We analyze the influence of thresholds on heavy meson spectroscopy comparing different flavor sectors and quantum numbers. The validity of a quark-model picture above open-flavor thresholds would severely restrict the number of channels that may lodge multiquark structures as meson-meson molecules.

    Valcarce Mejía, Alfredo Caramés, T.F. Vijande Asenjo, Javier 2013 Too many X's, Y's and Z's? Few-Body Systems
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