Narrow Bound States of the DNN System

Narrow Bound States of the DNN System

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Narrow Bound States of the DNN System

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Oset Báguena, Eulogio Perfil; Bayar, Melahat; Xiao, Chu Wen; Hyodo, T.; Dote, A.; Oka, M.
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We report on a recent calculation of the properties of the DNN system, a charmed meson with two nucleons. The system is analogous to the system substituting a strange quark by a charm quark. Two different methods are used to evaluate the binding and width, the Fixed Center approximation to the Faddeev equations and a variational calculation. In both methods we find that the system is bound by about 200 MeV and the width is smaller than 40 MeV, a situation opposite to the one of the system and which makes this state well suited for experimental observation.

    Oset Báguena, Eulogio Bayar, M. Xiao, Chu Wen Hyodo, T. Dote, A. Oka, M. 2013 Narrow Bound States of the DNN System Few-Body Systems 54 7-10 1091 1095
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