Quantum walk with a time-dependent coin

Quantum walk with a time-dependent coin

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Quantum walk with a time-dependent coin

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Bañuls Polo, María Carmen; Navarrete Benlloch, Carlos; Pérez Cañellas, Armando; Roldán Serrano, Eugenio; Soriano, J. C.
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We introduce quantum walks with a time-dependent coin, and show how they include, as a particular case, the generalized quantum walk recently studied by Wojcik [Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 180601 (2004)] which exhibits interesting dynamical localization and quasiperiodic dynamics. Our proposal allows for a much easier implementation of this particularly rich dynamics than the original one. Moreover, it allows for an additional control on the walk, which can be used to compensate for phases appearing due to external interactions. To illustrate its feasibility, we discuss an example using an optical cavity. We also derive an approximated solution in the continuous limit (long-wavelength approximation) which provides physical insight about the process.

    Bañuls Polo, María Carmen Navarrete, C. Pérez Cañellas, Armando Roldán Serrano, Eugenio Soriano, J.C. 2006 Physical Review A 73 6 062304 062304-9

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