Acousto-optical multiple interference devices

Acousto-optical multiple interference devices

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Acousto-optical multiple interference devices

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Beck, M.; Morais de Lima, Mauricio, Jr.; Santos, P.V.
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We present a new concept for waveguide acousto-optical devices based on coupled Mach<br>Zehnder interferometers driven by acoustic waves. These acousto-optical multiple interference devices use the periodic refractive index modulation induced by the acoustic wave to realize functionalities such as ON/OFF switching for an arbitrary time interval, as well as for efficient light modulation at high harmonics of the acoustic frequency and pulse shaping for, e.g., integrated Q-switches. We also discuss application of the concepts to light modulation by very high acoustic frequencies, where the acoustic wavelengths become much shorter than the optical ones.

    Beck, M.; Morais de Lima, Mauricio; Jr. P. V. Santos (2008) Acousto-optical multiple interference devices Journal of Applied Physics 103 1 014505
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