JEM–X inflight performance

JEM–X inflight performance

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JEM–X inflight performance

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Brandt, S.; Budtz-Jørgensen, C.; Lund, N.; Westergaard, N.J.; Rasmussen, I.L.; Andersen, K.H.; Chenevez, J.; Hornstrup, A.; Jensen, P.A.; Laursen, S.; Omø, K.; Oxborrow, C.A.; Pedersen, S.M.; Polny, J.; Andersson, H.; Andersson, T.; Vilhu, O.; Huovelin, J.; Maisala, S.; Morawski, M.; Juchnikowski, G.; Costa, E.; Feroci, M.; Rubini, A.; Rapisarda, M.; Morelli, E.; Frontera, F.; Pelliciari, C.; Loffredo, G.; Carassiti, V.; Reglero Velasco, Victor; Martinez Nuñez, Silvia; Larsson, S.; Svensson, R.; Zdziarski, A.A.; Castro-Tirado, A.; Goria, M.; Giulianelli, G.; Rezazad, M.; Cordero, F.; Schmidt, M.; Carli, R.; Jensen, P.L.; Sarri, G.; Gomez, C.; Orr, A.; Much, R.; Schnopper, H.W.; Kretschmar, P.
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2003
We summarize the inflight performance of JEM-X, the X-ray monitor on the INTEGRAL mission during the initial ten months of operations. The JEM-X instruments have now been tuned to stable operational conditions. The performance is found to be close to the pre-launch expectations. The ground calibrations and the inflight calibration data permit to determine the instruments characteristics to fully support the scientific data analysis.

    BRANDT, S. et al. 2003, JEM–X inflight performance, Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 411, no. 1, p. L243-L251
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